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Blog Traffic Case Study: How I Got a 84.26% Traffic Increase to a Brand New Website In Just 15 Days

Blogger Outreach is the only way to build links in 2017 and beyond. In fact, it should not be called link building. It should be called ‘relationship building’. There is simply no other way to rank higher in the search engines than through network marketing.

Today, I am going to show you how I increased my traffic by 84.26% with just 15 days of outreach – Yes. It is that powerful!

How I Increased My Traffic in 15 Days with the Guildmaster Technique

On January 21, 2017, I launched a 6-page website for my client in the Self Development niche.

This is a brand new website with 0 backlinks and 0 connections.

With just 15 days of promotion, here are the results.

And it was not just empty traffic. All of the visitors were engaging with the brand new website.

And a good percentage of them are coming back for more.

Aside from that, we are also getting some traffic from the backlinks that we got from highly relevant websites like these. (Note: We also got traffic from 2 top influencers in the niche)

You can also do the same to your website… even if you don’t have any budget for any fancy software or service.

It was just a week ago when I launched the website for a client of mine in the Self Development niche.

I created the blog from scratch with just 3 pages of content, an about page and a contact page.

I made sure that the design is relevant to the niche of my client. So I used black and white in the design.

Then, I also designed a quick about page and contact page just so the website is presentable enough to be promoted.

Then, I created 2 lists and 1 guide. I consider these types of content to be highly linkable and shareable. I created a tab in the navigation bar for the guide and linked the blogposts in the homepage.

I then went ahead to find my guild.

A guild is simply a one-word description for your niche network. This is a group of people who are passionate about your niche. They can be bloggers or influencers. The goal of these people is to spread the word about your niche and to inspire as many people as possible.

Your goal is to find your guild. You can do this in two ways:

Search for Guild Members on Google

The easiest way to find your guild is to search for them on Google. To do this, simply look for your main keywords. These can be topics of your blogposts or it can also be the main keywords of your blog. Type them and take note of at least 10 influencers.

The way I do this is that I keep all the influencers in a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet includes their first name, last name, email, website and social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn and G+.

Find The Most Shared Posts in Your Niche

You can also use a tool called BuzzSumo for searching guild members. Simply key in your main keyword or topic and it will uncover highly shared pages in the niche. You can then visit these websites and record all of the influencers that you find.

Once you find a list of influencers, it is time to support them. You can do this commenting on their blog, commenting on their facebook page, replying to their tweets, replying to their Google+ updates, commenting on their Instagram updates and connecting via email and Linkedin.

To comment on their blogs, I use a tool called Feedly. This allows me to have all the blogs in one place and see their latest updates without the need for mention tools.

NOTE: The key is to just connect without asking for a link. Just participate in the guild and get a feel of it. Don’t ask for anything. Just support them.

Aside from influencers, you can also empower your guild supporters. These are the people who tirelessly support the influencers.

To do this, simply look for a popular influencer blog and look at all the people who guest posted in the blog. Visit their websites and support them.

Here is an example. For the case of my client, I was targeting websites that are relevant to simplicity or minimalism. Here are the guest posts that I found in an influencer’s website.

And he has more…

I also add these people into my spreadsheet.

In the same way, you can also support their commenters, likers and followers. You can do this by clicking on their names and visiting their websites from the blogs. You can also message them in social networks.

One of the things I have noticed is that supporters are more open to conversations than influencers. This is great especially if you are just building your brand from scratch.

Out of the 15-Day Outreach promotion, I got a 84.26% increase in traffic, got a position in the 4th page of Google (our Facebook page is in the 3rd page of Google) and got 10 high quality links that directed traffic to the blog. All of the visitors are high quality – visiting 1-2 pages in my 6-page website and staying for at least 2 minutes. Also, 22.7% are still coming back for more.

I am also gaining traction because I also see some authors of the blogs responding with the promotion.

I got two influencers to like our tweets. Two influencers to like our comments and we even got one influencer reaching out to the website to make the first comment – The feeling was amazing!

Now You Try It

I hope you can see the potential of the Guildmaster Technique for your website.

It doesn’t involve massive submission of links or emails but it worked in getting the influencers’ attention. This is surprising for it is done with just 15 days of promotion.

Are you ready to do it?

Download the Guildmaster Technique Worksheet Below.