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Content Marketing Strategy: 10 Reasons Why No One Reads Your Content

You are probably familiar with this content marketing story.

You write an article, add some images and publish.

You sit and wait for people to read your content…

You get some hits…

BUT no comments, no shares and no links.

From here, you are probably wondering ‘What the heck is wrong with my blog?’

Today, I will discuss the 9 common content marketing mistakes that bloggers make when they create content.


Blogging is not a chore. It should be done out of passion.

Sure, you learned that blogging can make you money. But if you create a blogpost just for the sake of productivity, that is a grave mistake.

If you did not enjoy writing your blogpost, no one is going to enjoy reading it.

Why? Because it shows.

The words you use, the way you create paragraphs and sentences and the way you showcase items on the list – it shows how much you enjoyed what you are doing.

And if you dread every minute of writing, your audience will know.

Now: if writing is not for you, hire someone to do it.

That’s better than creating articles that will just clutter the Internet.

No one likes to read an article that is just a rehashed version of all the other related articles on the Internet.

Seriously, learn to do your research and add some creativity to your articles.

As a rule, you should aim to provide something new to your niche’s body of knowledge.

How? Share your personal experience, share a unique twist to a method or share a combination of strategies that you have learned.

Don’t simply rewrite articles and claim that the ideas are yours. That’s a no-no!

I have seen blogs who are so focused on publishing on a daily basis that they focus too much on just having any type of content published without even thinking of inserting images or altering the format.

The result?

A big block of text so huge that it scares anyone that comes to read it.

You see, online readers are skimmers. They don’t read text as much.

This is the reason why image-centric social networks like Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat is currently so popular.

Please, do your readers a favor and insert some images into your blogposts.

The more, the merrier.

I’ll be honest. You have one chance to impress your reader.

Once he sees that you only provide ‘ideas’ without the ‘how’, he will quickly click ‘back’ and look for another blogpost that can help him with his problem.

Your goal as a content marketer is to create content that will bring your reader from where he is to what I call his ‘dream status’. If your content cannot do this, it can quickly send your readers off to look for information in another blog.

That’s the same as losing customers.

If you don’t want this to happen, you might as well develop the habit of explaining the ‘how’ behind your ideas.

For example, you wanted to teach your reader how to go on a diet.

Instead of saying general phrases like ‘ drink more water’ or ‘eat less carbs’, you should be very specific about the steps.

For example, say ‘eat less than 100 grams of carbohydrates per day’ or ‘drink 2 liters of water everyday’. Make the number super specific and expand the phrase with step-by-step instructions.

Please don’t make the mistake of putting an ordinary headline on an extraordinary article.

An easy way to have an interesting headline is to include a key benefit and a specific number. If you can include a timeline, that’s better.

Here are some examples of good headlines:

It has a benefit and a number – plus, it has an unspecified timeline.

Here’s another one.

It can get better. But this is a rule that you must follow if you want people clicking on the links to your blogposts.

Benefits are not just for salespages. You also need to include benefits into your blogposts.

You see, we live in a world where there are millions of content online. You need to prove to your potential reader that you are worth their time by showing them the benefits of reading your content.

How? By stating it in your headline and in the first sentence of your post.

Just highlight the main benefit that your readers can get out of your content.

Will it give them ideas on how to do something? Will it help them reach a certain goal?

The harder it is to get to the goal, the higher the likelihood that they will read your post to know more.

NOTE: Just make sure that you have explained the ‘how’ behind your ideas. If you don’t provide enough information, there is a risk that your readers will not visit your website again.

The Internet can now be considered as a sea of information. There are simply too many articles online and it is hard to know what to believe.

With this issue on trust comes the need for proof. And you need this in just about every blogpost that you write.

As for me, I love providing proof to my case studies.

While I show my readers how to go from point A to point B with these blogposts, I also provide proof right at the beginning.

Why do I do this? Because I want them to see that the case study is not just me theorizing that my method can work. Instead, I have the proof showing that it indeed works.

You can also provide some proof in other types of articles. It is an amazing way to win your reader’s trust and to get them to come back and read more content.

People love to talk about themselves. I get that. But you don’t have to do that in your blogposts.

I have seen people who ramble in their blogposts as if they are talking to their diary. Please don’t do that. If you keep doing that, your readers who are not getting anything from reading your ramblings may just stop reading your blog.

I have seen people who talk about their personal information in detail. They put this in the beginning of the blogpost as proof that they can be trusted. What they don’t know is that the fluff just scares people away.

Stay away from fluff. If the sentence can be deleted without affecting the article’s value, do so. Your readers will thank you for it.

You may have the ‘how’ covered. But if your ideas is too vague or requires too many hoops and turns to get your prospect to their destination, they will look somewhere else.

It is with this reason that the ‘how’ in your blogposts should be super specific.

For example, don’t just say ‘get a domain’.

Instead, take screenshots of the domain registrar and show the entire process of buying a domain step-by-step.

Remember, ideas that can be implemented are worth more than ideas in the air. Show them how actionable your ideas are with some step-by-step instructions.

This is perhaps the main reason why no one is reading your blog.

You see, bloggers have developed this bad habit of writing a blogpost and waiting for people to come. I call this the ‘Write and Wait’ Approach.

This is based on the idea of ‘create great content and they will come’. But seriously, it’s a lie!

No one is going to know that your blog exists if you don’t tell people about it.

So please do yourself a favor. Stop writing and start promoting – that’s the easiest way to get people to start reading your blog.


Are you committing these mistakes? This list is not a rehashed version of what is out there. Instead, it is my honest observation on blogs and their content.

What are you currently doing that could drive people away from your website? Tell me more about it in the comments.



  1. Alice

    These are SUCH important ideas for bloggers to understand. If there is nothing in it for the reader, why would they read? If you aren’t enjoying what you write and excited about it, why should someone else be?

  2. Britanica

    I have a feeling I need to change some of my titles. I think there is a bit of an issue there for me. Some of them are great at getting attention. I have 5 posts that do well every day but what about my 200+ other posts? Well, most don’t see the light of day! I am going to go through this entire list and see what else can be fixed as well. I know a few of my posts are block text and need to be updated.

  3. Saoirse

    Great post.

    It is so important to know who you are targeting, and by doing so keeping content relevant to your audience.

    Providing your audience with beneficial content that adds value not only gives a great perception of your brand but, is also a winning formula for success!

    And don’t forget consistency!!

  4. Hitesh Malkan

    Hi, very nice article keep it up with the good work…Thanks

  5. Nick

    As a content writer myself, I couldn’t agree more with number one. This is why I’m trying to enjoy every task, every BS article I’ve been paid to write and take the best of it. Nice content.


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