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Make Money Writing Case Study: How I Made $48,963 Selling Services

Today, I am going to show you how I made $48,963 selling services. And I did this by employing some psychologically-backed up techniques that I learned.

What did I do?

I used the Bullseye Technique – a psychological tactic that gets any client to work with you.

This is mindblowing.

With this technique, you’ll be able to get high paying clients coming to you for help – no need to reach out for they’ll be begging you to work for them!

How the Bullseye Technique Helped Me to Get 4-Figure Clients

Back in 2008, I am just a normal college student who is just looking for an online part-time job that can help me get through school. I used to have ZERO knowledge in Internet marketing, SEO, graphic design and programming.

But after implementing the Bullseye Technique, I managed to land 2 4-figure clients who are ever-so-willing to hand me their money every week.

And have my PayPal looking like this:

On top of that, I also landed a 30k deal locally as a researcher and writer in a popular University in my country that has over 50+ Units.

Not only that, my connections also paved the way for me to be recognized in my niche. This allowed me to land a job at a huge influencer website.

The best part?

You can do the same thing for yourself… even if you don’t have connections or any special skill.

Bullseye Technique: The 3-Step Approach to Getting Clients for Life

There are three steps to the Bullseye Technique:

STEP 1: Begin By Creating Relationships with Your Target Market
STEP 2: Help Other People
STEP 3: The One Thing You Should Do to Land High Paying Clients

Here’s why this technique works so well…

This technique targets the right people so that they can refer you to the highest paying clients.

This way, you will no longer be throwing your shots everywhere. Instead, it will be highly targeted.

Also, this technique allows you to exploit one aspect of persuasion: the moral aspect. I will go into detail about this in Step 3.

As a freelancer, your target market is your clients. Your clients will depend on your skill.

For example, programmers can have designers as their target market. They can also have marketers and game developers as their target market.

Meanwhile, writers can have bloggers as their target market. They can also reach out to product owners who like to have their sales copy written or edited.

The key is finding a target market that is so specific that your market will have no choice but to choose you once you start recommending yourself.

Once you know your market, you can now start reaching out. You can do this by researching people in your niche.

As for me, I do this easily via Feedly. I find that the most interesting blogs are there. I search for my topic and BOOM! I have a list of niche-specific blogs with active subscribers.

I then record everything on a spreadsheet.
Next, I just look at the latest updates on Feedly on a daily basis and I comment on their blogs. If I’m feeling extra generous, I would also go out and share their content.

Continue doing this for 1 to 2 weeks.

After I get a feel of the niche, I now start getting some ideas on how I can help my market.


That’s what service providers do. We are here to help. And not just because we are paid. We do it because it is what we must do.

Repeat After Me – “I am Here to Help Other People”

Once you have drilled this quote into your head, you can now reach out to your target market to ask them if they need help with anything in their blog. But this can only work if you did Step 1. At this stage, they’ll be more receptive to your offer for help.

NOTE: You may be looking for some form of email template in this section but you’ll find none of that here. Sorry, I’m not really a fan of email templates and I think that all emails should be written personally for it to work.

Many freelancers enter this industry with a ‘make money’ mindset. While this is natural, it is way too overrated.


This is because the big money don’t come to people with that mindset.

Instead, it goes to people who are willing to go another mile for their clients.

You’re probably wondering… Does this mean that you should work for free?

Well… That depends.

You should not work for free for just anyone.

But you should work for free for someone who can bring you lots of new clients – this is the one thing that 84% of freelancers don’t do.

In the research conducted by a UK Startup,, which surveyed 1,009 part-time and full-time freelancers in the UK, only 16% agreed to work for free. That is extremely low compared to the 84% who refused to do it.

Think about it. What do you have to lose? Your time? Your pride?

Are those things worth losing for 5-figures worth of clients?

Think about it.

You probably know the right answer.

This step works because it uses one aspect of powerful persuasion: the moral aspect. Derek Halpern, a marketer who focuses on the power of persuasion in his marketing process, utilizes three elements in his copy: the economic aspect, the social aspect and the moral aspect. The moral aspect is the weakest but is the easiest to use.

The concept is quite simple to understand.

People are more open to doing things for people who have already done something for them.

The same concept applies to anyone – any business owner, big or small.

So the next time you are wondering how to land the big clients, think about something that you can do to help these people. And try to offer your help.

You’ll be surprised with the results.

Now You Try It

If this concept will not land you high paying clients, I don’t know what will.

Yes. It will require you to let go of your pride and some of your time, but it will be all worth it.

That is unless you are more comfortable making pennies for each work that you do for the rest of your life.



  1. Johnathan Weberg

    This has worked for me every time! It’s always best to connect, and built a relationship with someone, before asking for a response of any kind.
    Give them value, and you’ll receive it back, it’s all about helping others!

    I’ve started making videos every day for my team, and they love it every time!

    • Aira

      Thanks for stopping by Jonathan! I agree. You get more if you give more. 🙂

  2. Vicky

    Thanks for sharing! This is really great, I’m in desperate need of means to earn online. I will try to to follow this guide. I just hope it goes successfully with me. Thanks a lot!

    • Aira

      Hoping for the best for you Vicky!

  3. Alice

    I’d never heard of the bullseye technique before but after reading this I can see why it works so well! I am definitely going to follow this guide and I will report back with how it goes.

  4. Britanica

    I agree on the 3rd point. Many times people will set and average and have a client who will come in who can also bring them much more work, instead of leaning for them or going the extra mile, they are treated like everyone else. You have to see potential in others before you can see it in yourself. I know that sounds silly but it makes all the difference when it comes to freelance work. Thinking outside the box is helpful too. Great read!

  5. DNN

    Saw you on ProBlogger doing your thing. Keep up the good work. 🙂


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